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Encontrado 1 resultado

  1. Lucia_S

    Focus points no longer show

    Hello! I have a question about something in my camera. (Sorry in advance if something seems confusing, since English is not my first language) I have a Nikon D5600, when it comes to focus, it always allowed me choose how many focus point I wanted, and whenever I was going to take a photo, when looking through the viewfinder, I could see the camera adjusting the different points depending on the movement (or not) of the subject, I mean, the points followed the subject and they would change, appear and disappear depending on where the subject was positioning and its movement. What happens now, is that that doesn't happen anymore. Now no matter what focus option I choose, I only see one points through the viewfinder, that is the one that I can choose where to position with the multi selector. And it does not matter if I choose 9, 21, 39 or whatever number of points, they never appear when looking through the viewfinder. I didn't notice when this started happening. In the past I always used to see them depending what I chose. I don't know if this has something to do, but I never updated the firmware and I know there are some new updates. My current version on my camera says: C 1. 02 / L 2. 016 Well I just mention that in case it might has something to do, otherwise, i'd like to know if it's something related to settings or a problem in the camera itself. Please, enter this link where you can see images to better understand what I mean: https://ibb.co/album/g6Zt4F - The pictures of the plant are what I see through the viewfinder in my camera. (I know that the subject is not moving, but if it was, I would still see the same. Just one point) - The picture of the people on the boat is the one closest to what I used to see. Because there focus points/ squares in the screen were green. The other pictures are similar because the squares/ focus points are red. But basically what I mean is what I've been saying, I don't see nothing of that anymore. - A picture of the screen of my camera I hope you can help me, thank you so much!